Fenni Parquet is an artisan laboratory, specialized in supplying and customizing wood floors. We are the  example of the new artisan generation and the meeting point among the tradition, the experience of master craftsmen and the advice of professional designers and architects. Our target is to make prestigious wood floors destined to last long  and to embellish interior spaces.


Our products are of handicraft make with finishes that can vary according to the tastes and to the customers’ requests, in harmony with the living space or working environments


The finishes are made in our laboratory and they can satisfy any need of our customers’. Their requests are a very important source of incentive and growth, and It’s why we like to thank people who will decide to start a collaboration with our firm. We are sure that the continuous quality control of our wood floors and the active dialogue with our customers will certainly improve our experience of production. We wish in fact to hand down the experience of one of the most beautiful arts of any time: the art to model and colour the wooden surfaces of your living spaces and of your working environments


    Via De Gasperi, 44

    Mondolfo (PU) Italia

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