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Fenni Parquet assists the customer from the best choice for the environment where our woodblocks will be used, the availability of material illustrating the range of finishes and make processes, to the after-sale commercial and technical steps. The customer is accompanied from what starts as the first need (the furnishings) and later becomes the taste appreciation.


All our finishes are entirely handmade, including paint finishes (certificated and very resistant in highly busy areas) and natural oil finishes representing the best choice for those who want to furnish interior spaces with the criteria of green building. Wood floors consequently become organic substance on which to operate to create customized traditional brushings, planing, antique finishes, chamferings, sandblast. Fenni Parquet’s final aim is to offer a product that represents a philosophy of image and a style project.


One colour for each make process. From a flat colour to modulated nuances, following the wood inlays and grains. A colour, far from being pure coating and colouring, takes on the shape of the peculiarity and substance of nature. The parquet, through the colour of the furnishing complement to become living material and the active protagonist of any environment that still lives before it is coated.

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